consumer fundamentals

Complete the following steps for this assignment:

2 parts

Please use 84095 as  the zip code

400- 450 words

  1. Select the following link to visit a Web site that is an online demographic tool used to help establish demographics about customer segments:
  2. Key in your zip code.
  3. Based on this information, discuss with your colleagues the ways in which your company should segment the targeted customer groups to assist with finding advertising appeals and persuading these groups to buy its products.
  4. Briefly discuss the following
    • Give 2–3 of your findings about your zip code using the Web site.
    • How does a tool like this one help identify the target market?
    • How can your customer profile be segmented into larger groups? Why would you want to do this?
    • Why did you choose this specific target market?
    • What 2 ways would you appeal to the buying behaviors of this target market, and why?
    • Consider advertising, promotions, contests, and more.

Part 2

Culture has an effect on advertising values. Subcultures can include groups of customers who are interested in a product. Find a competitor’s advertisement or commercial on the Internet, and analyze the following in 1,900–2,200 words:

  • Briefly describe the competitor’s ad or commercial.
  • What is the ad’s intent?
  • Identify the type of customer (culture, subculture, lifestyle, values/beliefs, social class, etc.) the ad would appeal to.
  • How does the ad promote a specific want or need?
  • Is the ad effective? Is it persuasive? Why or why not?
  • What persuasive technique does the advertiser use to appeal to the customer (shock, humor, sex appeal, etc.)?
  • List 2 ideas to make your product’s ad different.
Possible place for references.