Competitive Strategy and Innovation. –

Topic: Competitive Strategy and Innovation.
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Subject: Competitive Strategy and Innovation.
Level: MBA
Assignment: Individual case study on General Electric.
Language: UK English standard
Level of write up: Critical analysis. (Very important)The lecturer wants lots of critical analysis. The lecturer does not want too much academic or descriptive writing.
Word count: Not less than 3,000 + 10%. (Appendix, References mentioned in the write up and in the reference section will not be counted in the word count).
Reference: As per Harvard Referencing.
Cover Page: Pls include a cover page contents for the assignment.
Attachments included:
1. Lecturers guide to writing the assignment.
2. Universities assignment guidelines and the GE case study.
3. Lecture notes and examples.
Assignment brief:
The Lecturer has made a write up on what is required in the paper as in the attachements. (Lecturers Guide to Writing GE) There are 3 sections ;
Part 1: Core Competencies and capabilities. VRIO and SWOT. 30% of word count.
Part 2: SAF and Kaplan Balance Score Card for monitoring. Pls include Kaplan Balance Score Card in the appendix too. 40% of word count. (Mc Kinsey 7S is not required.)
Part 3: Evaluate the style of leadership of Immelt and Jack Welch and give your assessment on whose style is better in the conclusion. (Transformational and Transactional.) 30% of word count.
The case study is in the “Assignment General Electric Case Study” PDF file attached.
Pls follow the Lecturers guidelines well for an “A” grade paper.
Good luck and thanks for this.