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Community Nursing
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1. How does the epidemiologic triad apply to health issues we see in the hospital? What are some common diagnoses in the acute care setting? What about in the community setting? How does the epidemiologic triad differ when a nurse is providing care to someone in the community or in his home? Does the nurse have more or less control in either arena?
2. Review the data presented regarding obesity in America in the Ethical Connection feature on page 118. Ask the students to review the data and discuss the role of community health nurses in community nutrition.
3. What are some of the causes for increases in healthcare costs in recent years, as outlined in the chapter? Brainstorm some examples that What could nurses do in the community setting to help decrease the healthcare costs?
4. Why is it important for nurses to know about global health issues or concerns if they are not planning to work in other countries? How can this information be used in the workplace here in the US?
Textbook: Community Health Nursing, Caring for the Public’s Health, 3rd Edition
Karen Saucier Lundy & Sharyn Janes
ISBN 978-1-4496-9149-3
Jones and Barlett