comm 410 disscussion on third party intervention

Choose two of the scenarios, listed below:

  • Your roommate stops paying her share of the rent.
  • A friend keeps using your clothes without permission
  • Your sister won’t pick up or return calls or texts. She made bitter comments the last time you were together and you can’t get to her to try to make things right.
  • You and your romantic partner are separating but neither of you say you want to.
  • You are a teacher and you see your elementary school-age students fighting during recess.
  • Your workgroup stops meeting and team members do not reply to e-mails.
  • An employee is injured on the job and wants health benefits.
  • Your younger brother or sister tells you that one of their friends is being harassed and sexually bullied.
  • Two ranchers in your community have an ongoing dispute over water rights, and it is affecting the entire community.
  1. For each scenario, identify a specific type of formal or informal third-party intervention(e.g. coaching, counseling, mediation, etc.) that you believe would be most effective in helping the party or parties effectively manage the conflict.
  2. Explain why you chose this mode of intervention: Why do you think it will be the most effective choice in this situation?
  3. What are the possible disadvantages of the type of intervention you chose?
  4. What cautions should you remember whenever you are considering becoming a third-party helper?