chst 3310 children and the law 2 pages


Teacher’s Requirements:

As a group, you will produce one 7 to 10 page, double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, paper regarding the same area of law and idea for reform that you presented on in class. Grammar and spelling count. Please cite your research. Speaking of research: Facts, ideas, and theories presented in lectures should be considered a starting point. Do not rely SOLELY on information provided in class. Further research into these areas is REQUIRED in order to do this project sufficiently. Citations required.

Papers are to be turned in via email no later than 6pm on December 18th. I should receive one email per group with the paper attached as a word document. All members of the group should be included on the email. Do not send via google docs or any other file sharing service.


My requirements for this essay, is that it is a group project essay. My part of the essay is to talk about the The Benefits and Reinforcements of Having a Lawyer Present With Child And Family Member. My group and I already made a power point and my part was put into the power point. The bullet points now need to be put into sentences with a bit more information .