chinese Education need 5 poems –

chinese Education need 5 poems
my topic is: chinese Education
you need to write 5 poems
1)you need to write 4 poems by those styles : ballad poem, blank verse poem and free verse poetry (9-12lines each poems)
2)and 1 poems by sonnet poem (14 lines)
and u need to mark which style the poem it is.!!!!
need to use the simile and Metaphor!!!!
sweat like a pig and wake up with scream,
The nightmare of my high school attacked me as a bomb attacks…..
My high school was a jail,
And I was a prisoner who lost freedom, and lived under the governor’s control.
I felt angry, and my anger burned like blazing flame,
I felt like I was a bird without power to fly even though I had wings,
Because I was stuck in this prison.
I was surrounded by all kinds rules like thousands of invisible walls without any doors,
Girls were never allowed to own long or curly hair they dream of,
Students were never expected to keep long nails,
Sports uniforms were the sparking label of model students in every teacher’s mind.
Every Monday we were forced to seat in the classroom and waited,
Waiting for some model students to check our hair and nails.
Classroom became the place where we spent most of time, but it was never home.
I woke up at 6 am and rushed to the classroom before 6:45 am,
But I hated waking up so early to start working when the sun does not even wake up.
The moon was my best friend who accompanied us with the tail of the day,
Because the moon was the only one who brought me relaxation.
Because night was the only moment I was released from jail.
I can feel the whole sky filled a sense suppression over my head,
But I had to accept it because I can never change it.