Chi square comparisons plus editing –

Chi square comparisons plus editing
Project description
Utilising a questionnaire to collect industry expert perceptions and beliefs of insurance fraudsters traits, this paper seeks to establish whether there are similarities or differences between the belief systems of experts and the realities of insurance fraud and how it is perpetrated. This research will consider the implications for training and detection methodologies for Insurance claims assessment and management.
There were 46 experts in the study in comparison with a sample size of 63 motor frauds and a sample size of 78 household frauds.
The answers provided by the respondents are to be compared with a sample of confirmed Household and Motor insurance fraud claims data (actual). The provided word document in an initial start to this paper. As you will see the paper makes causal observations between expert and actual fraud findings. Using the re-coded data supplied in the excel document, you should perform Chi-square comparisons on each of the themes as laid out in the excel document. Please then include the chi-square results including British Psychological Society style statistical sentences for chi-square and accompanying tables into the provided word document to enhance/correct what has been written already.
Please indicate by highlighting in yellow should the chi-square result not concur with the casual observations which have been written up already. Please include a revised text to correct for the chi-square finding.
Please also include into the paper the chi-square methodology in addition to the findings and discussion sections. You should not write an introduction section as this paper forms part of a larger paper.
NB Age chi-square is not required.
If the instructions are at all vague please ask for clarification.