cause and effect essay 25

My topic is why more and more Chinese students studying overseas in the English language country? As for my topic, I believe it is more suitable to be written as a cause essay. This essay should include the following parts:

1. The first part is the introduction.

1) The introduction should capture the reader’s attention.

2) The thesis sentence should profoundly clear.

2. The second part is the summary.

1) This part needs 100-150 words at least.

3. The third part is the three body paragraphs.

1) The three body paragraphs should mainly discuss the causes of why Chinese students study abroad.

2) The beginning of each body paragraph should have a main point about the cause or start with a topic sentence.

3)It is best to have a strong basis for supporting each main point in each paragraph.

4)Two references are required for each body paragraph.

4. The fourth part is the conclusion.

1)The conclusion should summarize the essay’s main points.

2) The conclusion needs to restate the thesis.

3) The essay should end with a thought-provoking idea. Moreover, a rich conclusion can make this paper more complete.

Note: 1. This essay needs to cite three outside sources or references at least.

2. This essay needs 1000-1300 words.