Examples of Cross functional drivers include the following:

Examples of Cross functional drivers include the following:

A. Pricing, sourcing and information
B. Information and pricing only
C. Facilities, transportation and inventory
D. Facilities, inventory and pricing
E. Pricing, facilities and information

market efficiency and market failures econ 210 class


This is just a discussion so a title page is not required. Here are the instructions:

Can you believe we are in our final summit session? This final summit revolves around the concept of elasticity of demand and its affect on consumers (you)! For this discussion, please investigate an industry market failure that has occurred within the last 10-years in the U.S. Identify the events that led to the market failure.

Discuss steps that should have been taken to self-correct the market failure and steps that are being taken to eliminate the need of another government bailout in the future. Is your chosen industry currently operating efficiently?

Locate a recent article or event (published within the last year) that highlights your relevant microeconomics topic. Use the Hunt Library, newspapers, new stations, or other credible sources to discuss how your topic aligns with microeconomics. Include the following in your discussion:

  • State the article or event you selected.
  • Identify the microeconomic concept(s).
  • Describe your findings.
  • Analyze the relevance to real-life applications.

Summarize your findings using at least 250 words and provide a minimum of one reference. Use current APA formatting to document your sources.

inventory costs 1

Using your text and at least one scholarly source according to APA requirements, respond to the following: Inventory continues to be a challenge for healthcare managers. Using the FIFO and LIFO methods of inventory, analyze the accounting implications of each method.


business communication powerpoint presentation 1

Create a 10- to 12- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing the Facebook social media platform.

accounting research assignment 1

Activity1: (2 Marks)

The ability to develop a research topic is a vital skill and the most important step for the research. A supervisor may assign you some interesting area, but the most of them require selecting his/her own topic. As a bachelor student in SEU firstly, chose scientific articles as a main references for your interesting area then answering for each article:

your interesting area

The motivation of your study

e- What is the research problem/question?

Activity2: (2 Marks)

From SDL find one article in accounting filed and identify:

The broad area for chosen article

Article Topic

The method for data collection

Article findings

Discussion: (1 Mark)

Explain grounded theory and its stages of conduct.

classification essay outline blanch


Make sure to include a thesis and APA outline flow please




Types of autistic disorders


Types of eating disorders


The most common phobias


Types of student behavior in class


Types of obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms


Types of behavior in the workplace


Types of weight loss diets


The most common allergies


Types of home treatments for migraines


Ways to quit smoking


Types of self-help strategies for depression


Types of vitamins


Ways arthritis sufferers can get joint pain relief


Factors increasing the risk of heart disease


Types of vegetables


Types of hair loss treatments


Types of nutrients


Types of exercises


Types of social networks


Types of computers


Types of mobile apps


Types of smart devices


The most widely used search engines


Types of Facebook users


Types of college majors


Types of school systems in North American countries


Ways to pay for your college education


Types of students


Types of colleges


Types of extracurricular activities

mgt431 mgt431 business strategy case analysis firm s name altieri transco the policy holders adjusters

Using the VRIN chart answer the following questions 2 pages and a half

VRIN assessment

  • What is your overall assessment of the firm’s key resources and capabilities? Do they provide the firm with a sustainable competitive advantage? What are the firm’s weaknesses?

american government hw

Name the Person, their party affiliation and the state he or she represents

Answer each one

House of Representatives


Majority Leader

Minority Leader

Majority Whip

Minority Whip

Who is your Representative? (State, District, party)


President Pro Tempore

Majority Leader

Minority Leader

Majority Whip

Minority Whip

Who are your Senators?(State & party)

read the consumerization of technology at ifg case study and answer questions at the end of case study

Describe the problem at IFG as succinctly as you can. Use this description to identify the main stakeholders.

IFG can’t afford the resources to identify, define, cleanse and validate all of its data. On the other hand, building yet another data mart to address a specific problem worsens the data situation. Propose a solution that will enable IFG to leverage a key business problem/opportunity using their BI tools that does not aggravate their existing data predicament.

The responses must be complete, detailed and in APA format. The response must include abstract, content which is at least 2 pages in length and conclusion. The case study content can be found in the attachments.

substance abuse as a community health problem violence and nursing response 6

Read chapters 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Once done answer the following questions.

  1. Discuss the historical trends and current conceptions of the cause and treatment of substance abuse.
  2. Identify and discuss the issues related to substance abuse in various populations encountered in the community health nursing practice.
  3. Describe and discuss the concepts of interpersonal and community violence.
  4. Describe and discuss the role of the nurse in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violence.

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 6 discussion questions” and the SafeAssign exercise in the assignment tab of the blackboard.

A minimum of 4 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years must be used.

You must post two replies to any of your peers sustained with the proper references no older than 5 years as well and make sure the references are properly quoted in your assignment. A minimum of 700 words is required. Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment.

Attached you can find the powerpoint provided by the professor. and a link to access the book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1beQKPAsF_LtV6Piku…