case study evie ai the rise of artificial intelligence and the future of work

I need someone to check my project and complete the last point.

Attached below is the rubric of the project and my work that needs to be checked the report should not exceed more than 2500 worlds and 5 references should be from the library.

This is the feedback of the first section (1-1.4) of the report i correct some points i need someone to recheck my work and complete the other points:

1) Use consistent font and font size. The second page in Table of Contents should begin with 1. Overview.

2) Do not use pronouns e.g. we, our, I etc. in business report writing. Write in neutral form.

3) There are problems with the use of the English language. Issues with grammar, and sentence construction that lead to fuzzy meanings need fixing. Furthermore, you do not begin a sentence with a small letter.

4) You wrote: “Certain specialists, quite Nilsson (1980), accept that AI could be critical to our comprehension of man-made reasoning. ” What does this sentence mean?

5) I do not see in text citations. Why?

For example, you wrote: “The global artificial intelligence (AI) in the retail market earns $720.0 million in 2018 and is predicted that CAGR (compound annual growth rate) will reach 35.4% during 2019-2024 (forecast period).” Obviously, the figures come from an article.

6) In Development of Tech Companies section – Explain more about the development of AI in just 2-3 companies only. You do not need to mention so many companies but you say nothing about their development of AI i.e. what are currently being undertaken about AI ?

7) In Definitions and Examples section, I do not see exactly the definitions. Throughout the section you describe examples.

8) References lack journal articles. Moreover, the one that seems to show a journal article does not have complete citation and follow correct APA citation: Daewon Lee, Jong Hyuk P. Future Trends of AI-Based Smart Systems and Services: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions. (2019). Journal of Information Processing Systems; , 717–723. doi: 10.3745/JIPS.02.0113