capitals crosscurrent borders final exam paper

Part two take-home essay

Answer one question below. Minimum three pages, double-spaced in Word. Please upload your answers to Canvas by November. Do not duplicate either of your exploratory papers. Take up something new from our classroom lectures, discussions, and, significantly, show that you have done some of the assigned readings. Citations are not needed for this assignment. However, remember to write in your own words. Please upload your answers to Canvas by December 20.

  • Compare and contrast Langston Hughes’s view of New York and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s. Refer to the readings we discussed in class.
  • Compare and contrast any three paintings of New York made by painters we have discussed.
  • Compare and contrast the music of George Gershwin and Duke Ellington. What do they tell us about the cultural history of New York?
  • Take a walk in the city, and even some mass transportation, such as the subway. Describe any three cultural sites or buildings of importance. Discuss them in relation to the historical and cultural history of New York City.
  • Discuss Langston Hughes’s poetry. Refer to any five poems we mentioned in class.
  • Branch out beyond assigned classroom materials. Discuss the contrast of the lives of the rich and poor in New York City by reading any three pieces in Writing New York. I can suggest a few more of them, if interested.