Camanche Dam Removal Proposal –

Camanche Dam Removal Proposal
2 paragraphs on the Issues and Concerns with regards to the project proposal
When preparing an EA in “real life”, you would have an interdisciplinary team (IDT) of
individuals from different backgrounds and subject matter expertise to help you
“scope out” the environmental issues and to help you develop your project
alternatives. In this section, you will describe what issues (potential or existing) you
and your IDT think you will have to deal with when implementing the project. This
could include species/habitat of special concern; impacts to any historic,
archeological, or cultural resources; human health issues, etc. You may also add a
statement or 2 here regarding any environmental issues that your team discussed and
dismissed from further analysis because, logically, the issue simply wasn’t an issue
a. For instance, if your project will not be impacting water resources in any way, then
you may simply state that due to the fact that blah, blah, blah, this project will not
impact any wetlands, coastal plains, etc.
1 paragraph on the option of taking no action.