Build a Business Plan Project Part 1 –

Build a Business Plan Project Part 1
The Introduction Component
1.1. Start with the cover page. Provide the business name, street address, telephone number, Web address (if any), name(s) of owner(s) of the business, and the date the plan is issued.
1.2. Next, provide background information on the company and include the general nature of the business: retailing, manufacturing, or service; what your product or service is; what is unique about it; and why you believe that your business will be successful
1.3. Then include a summary statement of the business’s financial needs, if any. You probably will need to revise your financial needs summary after you complete a detailed financial plan later in Part 6.
1.4. Finally, include a statement of confidentiality to keep important information away from potential competitors. The Benefits-to-the-Community Component In this section, describe the potential benefits to the com- munity that your business could provide. Chapter 2 in your textbook, “Being Ethical and Socially Responsible,” can help you in answering some of these questions. At the very least, address the following issues:
1.5. Describe the number of skilled and nonskilled jobs the business will create, and indicate how purchasesof supplies and other materials can help local businesses.
1.6. Next, describe how providing needed goods or services will improve the community and its standard of living.
1.7. Finally, state how your business can develop new tech- nical, management, or leadership skills; offer attractive wages; and provide other types of individual growth.