bld 460 advanced molecular diagnostics powerpoint

The requirement of the powerpoint:

A general outline of a journal club presentation would be to provide background on the topic and methods used as needed (3 slides at most), present the results of the paper (generally by showing the figures and tables), and present the conclusions given in the discussion. Then your audience asks questions and discussion (hopefully) results. A pdf file of the paper or a citation at the least is generally provided to the audience as well.

The rubric for the presentation is as follows:

20 points total:

5- Proper citations for the article and any background information from other sources(I will give you the article that I am chosen, PLEASE USE APA FORMAT CITATION )

8- Slides (3 clarity, 3 accuracy, 2 completeness)

7- Presentation (2 clarity, 3 accuracy, 1 use of time, 1 organization )(you do not need to do this part )