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Before you begin crafting your discussion response for this week, be sure to read the required materials and watch Designing Healthy Communities, Searching for Shangri-La. (Links to an external site.) This video is designed to complement the readings to give you a broad understanding of the topics covered in class.

For this final week, take your community action plan and expand your Cure and Prevention plans to support the wider community—e.g., if you are looking at a neighborhood, broaden your scope to the city or region in which you live or consider your permanent residency; if looking at a city, expand to the county, for example.

Provide some ideas on how the successes might be maintained and how the problems might be solved. For now, think in terms of a 20-30-year time period. Remember that healthy-community plans should include ideas on how to protect the city from uncontrolled growth and unhealthy construction and will always favor community building.


My local community action plan is centered on the local Roxborough daycare, Little’s People Landing. The focus was on how to stop parents from bringing their sick children to the daycare. I was focused on the disease, influenza (flu), however it could be expanded to any disease. In order to expand my community action plan I would expand the target to include all of the child care centers in the Denver Metro area.

According to Denver Children’s Affairs, 64% of Denver children under the age of five have all available parents in the work force. There are 33,000 young children in daycare. There are 18.500 licensed child care slots in centers. What this means is that is only enough to serve 56% of the children that need care. (Denver Children’s Affairs, 2019).

Denver and Roxborough will need to include in future development, over the next 20- 30 years, more healthy urbanism developments and additional daycares.

The prevention included holding parents accountable to take off work and stay home with their sick children. The action plan was to reach out to the government requesting them to subsidize employers, to allow more sick time for parents. This would allow parents to take time off work to care for their sick children. The vision would to include all of the companies in Denver to provide additional sick time to working parents.



Denver Children’s Affairs. (2019). Denver Early Childhood Fact Sheet. Retrieved from…


Good Morning everyone, happy last week of class!

For my community action plan, I decided to choose Phoenix, Arizona and target the public issue of obesity. I targeted the community itself that I now live in however for this discussion I would like to expand it to Arizona as a whole. With Arizona as a state having a higher percentage of obese individuals than in Phoenix’s percentage is due to food deserts. Phoenix is a very urbanized modern city with better access to healthy foods. Other areas in Arizona are vast deserts with very high temperatures and little modernization and developed areas. With no developed food stores especially on Native American preservations this is becoming a huge issue. Having an obesity percentage of 40%, this race group has been suffering from food choices for years and this issue is only increasing and the numbers affected keep rising. Making food available in arizona is the first step that really needs a solution because the problem will never make any progress unless this happens. Another thing to look at in the future is implementing zoning laws to allow fast food to only be build where is necessary. Too many fast food places on every block of the city and throughout Arizona and if the state wants to truly make an impact on this problem, zoning laws must take place. Arizona struggles more than most states due to the high temperatures and causing members to stay inside and avoid physical exercise.