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The Eugenics Crusade

Answer all of the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully using direct information from the documentary in order to get full credit.

  1. The scientists in the eugenics movement made many mistakes trying to use the scientific method. What were some problems in their research that made it unscientific?
  2. You’ve just learned about genetics. What are some of the things that you now know that disprove the idea that you can create super humans?
  3. Evolution does NOT create perfect organisms. What are some problems with trying to create perfect organisms?
  4. The members of the eugenics movement had a fairly easy time convincing the public and members of Congress that their research was properly performed and important. Today, the public and members of the government are both skeptical of scientific experts (climate change, vaccines, the roundness of the Earth). Why do you think it was easier for the eugenic movement to convince the public and members of the government about their research despite it being poorly done?
  5. What things did you learn surprised you?
  6. What other comments do you have about the documentary?