ben hur film analysis

Considering the heavily religious tone in William Wyler’s Ben-Hur, do you feel the film conveys an accurate portrayal of the games and the circus in Roman sport? Does the film accurately portray the culture of Roman sport and spectacle? Why or why not? In your analysis, I encourage you to focus your discussion on one major theme or topic. For example, you may wish to focus your topic on the portrayal and treatment of women, slaves, Christians, Roman elites, or the general Roman populace (the “mob” as they were often identified). In the end, why does Wyler construct the film in this way? What is the intended outcome, or how does he want his viewer feel about the Romans and their production of sport/spectacle? Be sure to reference and cite your readings and lectures to support your claims. Give particular attention to Fik Meijer’s Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire in your essay.

4-5 pages double spaced

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