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Hi we worked on the paper once. My paper title was Parallel Windows and Joy where I had to compare 2 articles. You have written the essay, but this is the feedback for the final draft. So I need you to edit this essay with the feedback given in the bottom.

The instructions were:

Much of Naomi Klein’s excerpt from Fences and Windows is devoted to defining fences as limiting freedom in order to grow the privilege of the already wealthy, but she also employs the more hopeful architectural metaphor of the window as a way to visualize resistance to fences. Klein contrasts “barriers separating people from previously public resources” (1) to a “parallel universe” (4) of protest where “art is everywhere, strangers talk to each other, and the prospect of a radical change” (4) seems possible. Zadie Smith’s personal essay is a contemplation of the dangers of joyful moments as diverse as dancing at a rave during the Second Summer of Love in the UK and her love for her child. She characterizes joy as an “admixture of terror, pain, and delight” (3) and as an experience quite different from the ease of pleasure. Using your interpretations of Klein’s and Smith’s arguments and evidence, write an essay in response to the following question:

How is Smith’s concept of joy foundational to the work that Klein describes as windows? Some questions to consider (note: use these to develop and refine your thesis; you do not have to “answer” them in your essay); if they do help you develop your thesis, remember to ground your response in evidence from the readings:

•What are the dangers of choosing joy over pleasure? Are there any dangers in choosing pleasure over joy?

•What fences does Smith allude to? How could pleasure be a fence?

•What is the work that Klein associates with “windows” in her reading? How might you choose to expand the concept of windows to describe other kinds of work? In this essay you will be practicing connective thinking

— synthesizing ideas from our two readings

. Your thesis statement should interpret the readings to create an original argument and should cite the readings specifically

.Your evidence must come from analyzing the readings.

This task requires you to interpret and “close read” the articles, not summarize them.

After submitting the draft to her, her feedback is:

-Did not talk much about joy

-No definite argument/ solid thesis

-Talk about specific characters that joy and windows share.

-Talk about how joy is a way of getting a paradigm as mentioned in conclusion. Provide arguments with quotes (evidence). Put this in the 1st paragraph

The essay that you gave me is attached below with the 2 reference articles on which the essay is based on,

Please help me as soon as possible. The submission is on December 7th (Saturday) at 5 pm Eastern standard time.

This is the final paper. it has to be really good for me to pass.

fences article.docx is the essay that you wrote.

The 2 pdf documents are the essays.