based on the wonder woman film and her character develop discuss her philosophy of peace or philosophy of the warrior use evidence from the film quotes scenes to support this manifesto otherwise this is an open forum what other issues question 1

Based on the Wonder Woman film and her character, develop/discuss her philosophy of peace–or, philosophy of the warrior. Use evidence from the film (quotes, scenes) to support this manifesto.

Otherwise, this is an open forum: what other issues/questions/critical readings would you like to raise? This could be an open discussion outside of the response requirement, or a forum for an original response paper—if you want it to count as the latter, be sure it is a focused, critical look at an issue or specific scene from one of the films.


These responses are your own interpretations and should be in your own voice—and only use sources already provided in the course. Responses do not necessarilyneed to “answer” every part of the selected prompt; rather, use the prompt to generate your response and take a direction for discussion. Posts must be thoughtful, organized, and critically pointed toward the prompt, offering a reading of a specific detail, scene, or idea in the film/question—that is, go beyond basic summary or overview: the scope should reflect the kinds of ideas you might use in a supporting paragraph in a longer essay. These responses are ungraded, but required: missing one will result in a C for this grade; two, an F. I strongly encourage you to think of these responses as developing ideas for possible essay topics. Following classmates’ reactions (see below), I may briefly respond with comments perhaps guiding you toward expanding or revising the response into an essay. (*My comments regarding revision or other evaluation will be posted in your Turn-it-in copy.) I also recommend returning to the discussion board to read all reactions to aid in generating and questioning your essay ideas.

NB. Discussion board prompts #1a, 1b, and 1c might be worth returning to later, as they establish a framework for broader questions we will consider throughout the course. As you continue to view the films, you may also see some additional ideas developing regarding, e.g., Benjamin’s ideas about the cult value of artifacts and artwork—separated from ritual purpose, and brought to exhibition as art, which appear early in both Wonder Woman and Black Panther. Another idea to keep in mind is the cult of the movie star, which has implications for the superhero comic book vs. the superhero film. I will include discussion questions about these ideas on later boards.