aviation industry growth and economy

Please upload your research paper here. It should be a minimum of 10 pages, not including the cover page and references page. It should be in APA format, as in the example research paper I gave you at the beginning of the semester. No fancy cover page with colors or anything. Make it just like the example I gave you. The paper should be double spaced with no extra spacing between the lines, with one inch margins on the left and right and top and bottom. Need at least 5 references not to include the book.

You may not use any quotes in your paper! There were WAY too many quotes in the Eastern Airlines paper. You should get around using the quote by paraphrasing what the person said in your own words. You can say it like this: So and so states blah blah blah….., just make sure you put the date of the reference in parenthesis right after so and so’s name; like this, John Smith (2019) stated that blah blah blah…… You get the idea. Come see me if you just don’t see any way of getting around the use of quotes.

my paper is about the aviation economy and what happened after the growth in the aviation industry .

and here is an abstract i wrote about the paper jus to get an idea:

Aviation industry growth

The aviation industry has been growing and the growth rate will increase in the future. The International Air Transport Association predicted that the number of air transportation

passengers will reach 8.2 billion in 2037, the growth rate of passengers traveling by air is 3.5%. this growth in the aviation industry will provide more jobs and it will increase the GDP. The increase in air travel will also have an indirect effect on the economy, the increased number of tourists who use air transportation can help the economic growth. This growth requires more efficient operations such as more efficient aircrafts, better airport operations and more advanced navigational systems. Many aircrafts manufacturers are looking into new ways to make their aircrafts more efficient either by enhancing the aircrafts engines, making new engines that run on alternative fuels and energy sources or developing new structural materials that decreases the weight and drag and increasing the efficiency. Oil price has a big effect on the costs of operations in the airline industry and it is always fluctuating due to many factors, this fluctuation affects airline operational costs, using new energy sources or alternative fuel that have a lower and stable price could help airlines have more efficient operations in the future. Weather can also have a huge impact on airline operations, it can cost airlines a lot to cancel or divert their flights due to weather. The increase in airline passengers makes it imperative for the industry to develop new technology and infrastructure to help adapt to bad weather.

i want at least 5 sources , all the sources from the internet, ind i want to cite them in the text.