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answer following question separate part 1 amp amp amp part 2

Part 1 Consider the two dimensions of Challenging Decisions decisions depicted below. Team and individual competencies can also be characterized along these two dimensions as “hard” (technical) and “soft” (social and psychological) skills. Naturally, this leads us to ask: What skills do I bring to complex decision problems? Am I a skillful leader and communicator […]

prj2230 public relations 1

Write an one-paper analysis of global hand washing day. Please do not copy on the Internet or other relevant books. Write by yourself!!! Use your own words. That’s easy and important!!! Due is tomorrow lunch time.

week 2 discussion writing course

Discussion: Effective Elements of an Article Summary Summarizing research is an important aspect of scholarly writing. A summary highlights a source’s most important points. Accordingly, when summarizing a source, writers must articulate their understanding of the material in a concise and direct manner. To write an effective summary, writers must first understand the elements that […]

500 word initial post two 250 word response to peers

Just as gangs pose a threat to law enforcement agencies in free society, Security Threat Groups (STGs) pose a threat to the security of an incarceration facility for correctional agencies. The same individuals that are members of gangs in free society comprise the membership of a STG in prison. In your initial response, define what […]

revising an essay with comment

I have an essay written and ready. My instructor asked me to revise this essay and I am going to post the instructor’s comments. I will also upload 2 articles that needed in writing this essay. Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Essay (Fall 2019)CriteriaRatingsPts Title & Introduction 20 pts Full Marks Title is appropriate and original Introduction […]