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Download this SQL script and run it in MySQL to create a database called “sqlInjection” to start this activity

Details 1. Download this SQL script and run it in MySQL to create a database called “sqlInjection” to start this activity sqlInjection.sql (https://csusb.instructure.com/courses/7538/files/1155056?wrap=1) (https://csusb.instructure.com/courses/7538/files/1155056/download?download_frd=1) This would load a database of users and their passwords. 2. Try running the following SQL code 🙂 SELECT * FROM users WHERE email = ‘xxx@xxx.xxx’ OR 1 = 1 LIMIT […]

Quiz Answers

Quiz Answers B. VM escaping occurs as a result of malware jumping from one guest OS to another C. A timing attack occurs by sending multiple usernames to an authentication server and measure the server response times. Input validation: A. If the application cannot check for valid inputs, a hacker can take       advantage of this […]

market efficiency and market failures econ 210 class

Hello, This is just a discussion so a title page is not required. Here are the instructions: Can you believe we are in our final summit session? This final summit revolves around the concept of elasticity of demand and its affect on consumers (you)! For this discussion, please investigate an industry market failure that has […]

inventory costs 1

Using your text and at least one scholarly source according to APA requirements, respond to the following: Inventory continues to be a challenge for healthcare managers. Using the FIFO and LIFO methods of inventory, analyze the accounting implications of each method. #action=share

accounting research assignment 1

Activity1: (2 Marks) The ability to develop a research topic is a vital skill and the most important step for the research. A supervisor may assign you some interesting area, but the most of them require selecting his/her own topic. As a bachelor student in SEU firstly, chose scientific articles as a main references for […]

classification essay outline blanch

CHOOSE A TOPIC ASND CREATE AN OUTLINE FOR MY CLASSIFICATION RESEARCH PAPER Make sure to include a thesis and APA outline flow please MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT A CLASSIFICATION ESSAY IS! TOPICS: 1. Types of autistic disorders 2. Types of eating disorders 3. The most common phobias 4. Types of student behavior in class […]