assignment self assessment exercise

Self-Assessment Exercise found in Greenberg textbook on page 359 of Chapter 11.

Complete all three sections; Directions, Scoring, and Discussion Questions. Please do NOT copy the self-assessment or your actual results into your paper (this only drives up the SafeAssign match). Use outside research articles to support your answers to the Discussion Questions; 1 outside source for each DQ, so at least 3 total articles.

In answering each of the DQs, you will need to provide specific, personal examples to support and highlight your claims regarding your own leadership style(s). Also, look back on what you have learned these past 7 weeks. How will this improve your role as a leader and improve organizational effectiveness?

Your final assignment may be a paper or a PowerPoint (see instructions below). You need to complete all three sections. Directions, scoring and discussion questions from the self-assessment exercise found in our course textbook at the end of chapter 11. Also, don’t forget to use at least 3 outside research articles to support your answers to those discussion questions (minimum 1 peer reviewed source per textbook DQs). You do not need to include the actual test results in your paper or PP– use this time to answer the questions, that is what I am looking for.

My gift to you – YOU MAY WRITE YOUR FINAL PAPER FROM A PERSONAL POV….1st person. *smile* (You are welcome…). If you choose, you may also do a PowerPoint rather than a paper (please see Weekly Materials>Week 7 for details).

If you choose to do a paper

Be sure the paper is in APA format (again, refer to the APA template I provided in Week 1 of the class). I would expect your paper to be in the 3-5 page range, not including the title page, abstract and reference page and must be submitted according to APA 6th edition conventions.

If you choose to do a PowerPoint

You are to do the assessment in the Greenberg text (as outlined above) and then answer the discussion questions in the book based on the results of your assessment. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO (not screaming at you, just using all caps for emphasis), you can put together a 10 – 15 slide PowerPoint for this assignment rather than a paper. I think we can all agree you have written quite a few papers for this class and I am trying to find a way to make it a bit more “fun” and ease up on the paper writing. I would ask that your PP be professional, use some images, not heavy on text (do a bit of research on the best way to construct a PP) and incorporate your 3 scholarly references, as outlined above for the paper. If you choose to do the paper, that is fine. But I think for some of you, the PP will be a welcome relief. One word of caution, please do not turn this into a PowerPaper – meaning you literally just copy and paste content onto each slide. You will need to format, use pictures, make it interesting. Refer to the 5 x 5 rule announcement.