assignment 2385

This week’s first reading, “Savage inequalities,” is written by Jonathan Kozol. It is taken from Savage Inequalities, New York: Harper Collins. 1991. p. 175 – 184. (D 1991 by Jonathan Kozol, Reprinted by permission of Crown Publishers, Inc, WARNING: These copyrighted materials should not be copied and redistributed to others; copying and redistributing these materials is a breach of copyright law. This week’s second reading, ” The Inequalities are Still Savage, “is written by Daniel Katz, PhD. You are encouraged to search around on his blog.

Use these links to answer the following questions:

1.Select three quotations from each reading (a total of six) that stood out to you, then, explain what they mean to you and why you thought these particular quotations were noteworthy.

2. What does the term “separate but equal mean and how does it relate to the students’ comments mentioned in Kozol’s article? Be specific making sure to refer to the article.

3. What did you find surprising, interesting, AND troubling about these articles? How does this information apply to your own life? Be detailed and specific.