Assignment 12 –

CS 1181
Assignment 12
Liang Chapter 14
JavaFX Application – TicTacToe
Create a JavaFX application named to display one of the following screens.
Create a Tic-Tac-Toe grid. Place red Xs in the cells from top left to bottom right. Place blue Os in the two cells left in the left-most column. Include the text “Let’s Play a Game!” at the bottom of the screen.
Images x.jpg and o.jpg are provided on Moodle under Assigment 12.
Use modular programming techniques: Create separate modules to
1. Add the Tic-Tac-Toe grid to the pane
2. Add Xs to the pane
3. Add Os to the pane
4. Add Text to the pane
Name the Java Class: TicTacToe
Grading Rubric
• Correct File Name ( – case sensitive
• Correct Class Name (TicTacToe) – case sensitive
• Correct Style – comments
• Correct Style – indentation
• Correct Style – White Space
• Free of syntax errors
• Using a JavaFX Application
o Extending Application class
o Overriding start method
o Creating a Pane to hold GUI nodes
o Using a Scene to hold the Pane
o Adding the Scene to the Stage
o Showing the Stage
• Method to add tic-tac-toe grid to the Pane
• Method to add Xs to the Pane
• Method to add Os to the Pane
• Method to add Text to the Pane
Extra Credit
• Use images instead of text for Xs and Os.
Upload the source code file ( using your Moodle account for the course into “Assignment 12 Submission”