Assessment 1 – Personal Reflection Essay –

Based on philosophical concepts related to organization and work in the early part of the course, what do you now think about your own experience of organisation and organisations, and of working in them?
Indicative length: 2000 words, excluding references. This is equivalent to approximately 4 sides of A4 typed using a standard 12 point font, single spaced.
Guidance for All Assessments
Please note that every assessment item, including the exam, contains explicit questions, but there is no one ‘right’ answer. Your task is therefore to develop your own explicit answer to this, using management philosophy concepts and ideas. Therefore in all work there should a clear argument, critically using ideas discussed in class or drawn from your reading, and leading to a conclusion that represents an explicit answer to the question you choose.
All work will be evaluated and graded on the basis of how successfully you demonstrate the ability to:
• Discuss key approaches to management thinking
• Critically evaluate key concepts of management
• Analytically discuss key philosophical concepts and arguments as they apply to management and business
• Analyse key management concepts
• Construct valid arguments relating to the central debates of the nature of management
In addition to demonstration of the specific learning outcomes listed above, you need to pay attention to the following generic criteria:
Good standard of argument – in other words, the ideas you present are well supported by reasons and evidence. You should aim to make your arguments as convincing as possible, and be ready to accept that sometimes there are not definite conclusions.
Critical approach to reading – material relevant to this subject can come from several different places, including academic management articles and books, the classic works of the great philosophers, as well as from more up to date material in the form of relevant cases and examples; in all of these you should be ready to approach the material with the attitude that there is something of value in it, but also that it is unlikely to be 100% true; so the ‘critical’ bit is showing what is of value and what has limitations in what you read
Professional orientation – although much of what we do in class and engage with through MyLO may not be suitable for direct use in working experience, you should always keep at the back of your mind that the content is intended to help business practice somehow; and this should not only affect the ideas you have but also how you express them; at this level you should think of all your work as potentially something you could show a future employer, so you need to make all your work something you would be proud to show off to employers, even if you never actually do this