Assessment 1: –

Assessment 1:
Researching the contributions of Indigenous Australians
Word limit: 1000 (+/- 10%)
Assessment overview
The purpose of this assignment is to study the achievements of Indigenous role models and identify their contributions to Australian society.
Assessment details
To commence this task student should work in pairs to share research about the life stories of Indigenous people (one each) and the ways in which they have contributed to Australian society.
You will each write up a summary and evaluation of the findings from your research in regards to the individual Indigenous Australian that you chose to investigate and submit your research individually.
Please note: the collaborative elements of this assessment are to formulate ideas, encourage the development of your understandings from another perspective and begin to articulate your thoughts before the formal writing of your individual submission.
Assessment criteria
1. Summary and description of the history of the person, including background/upbringing, key event/experiences, motivations/setbacks (500 words).
2. Evaluation of how this person has contributed to Australian society, including examples of contributions, windows/barriers to success (500 words)
3. Composition of your summary including referencing.