art archiecture journal entries

Throughout this course, you will be keeping a journal.

Post journal entries here, based on the directions that appear in Learning Modules 3-9 and 11.

Your journal entries will be evaluated using the ART 116 Journal Rubric. This rubric is available in the right hand column of the Journal area, as well as in the course Grade Center.

Note: Each journal entry is worth 15 points, for a total of 120 points (15 points x 8 entries).

M3 Journal Entry : The Early Renaissance – Chapter 13: Concentrate on Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti.

M7 Journal Entry: For this entry, you will write a separate paragraph about the architecture in each of the chapters for this module. These paragraphs should demonstrate that you have studied the vocabulary and content from these chapters.

  • Chapter 19: Architectural Developments in America. Notice where the “classical,” as in Greco-Roman, architecture is in evidence.
  • Chapter 20: Begins with a section on Architecture. Notice the shift away from the classical toward more decorative elements.

M8 Journal Entry: 19th Century Realism – Chapter 21: Architecture is listed under Architecture and Sculpture at the end of the chapter. If we define Architecture as a structure that can be entered, then everything in this section could be seen as architecture.

M9 Journal Entry: 19th Century Impressionism – Chapter 22: There’s a small amount in Urban Renewal during the Second Empire.

M11 Journal Entry: Cubism, Futurism, and Related 20th Century Styles – Chapter 25: There is a major change in Architecture during this time period. With the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the International Style, you will have a lot to read and write about.