argumentative essay write a 6 8 page paper that takes a stand on an issue the issue is of your choosing 1

need it before dec 6

For the argumentative essay, you will write a 6-8 page paper that takes a stand on an issue. The issue is of your choosing. Be sure you provide plenty of evidence to support your position. It will be in MLA format, and you will be required to use at least 5 sources. You will need a work cited page to accompany the essay. It does not count towards page length.

A successful argumentative essay will do the following:

  1. sustain audience attention;
  2. communicate clearly and effectively;
  3. reflect responsiveness to multiple perspectives on the topic;
  4. and provide thoughtful, reasonable grounds in support of your perspective.
  • Must have bibliography of at least 3 sources (2 must be from Library Database)