applied final project 2

Throughout the term, you will work on a project that promotes awareness of domestic violence issues to the community of your choosing. You will work in groups of 3 or 4.

The focus of this project will be to devise a specific activity, event, or “deliverable” (brochure, pamphlet, handbook, poster, presentation, writing and performing a song using online media, etc.) that will promote awareness of domestic violence and advocate for its victims. Be creative!

Your presentation should include relevant information from original sources (e.g. statistics, research, resources). The group must identify at least 10 original sources of research from scholarly sources and incorporate the findings of this research into the final project. Scholarly sources include peer-reviewed journals that can be found in the UMUC Library databases.

All group members are expected to participate fully in the group project. Group members will be asked to give one another a teamwork score which will be part of the project grade.

You may meet in the online classroom in the private online study group that will be created for your group. You can work synchronously (using the chat feature) or asynchronously (using study group discussions). You can post your ideas and drafts into the study group for safekeeping.

In Week 3 the group should give itself a name and submit a proposal consisting or a one page abstract, summary or outline of your Group Project idea. One proposal will be submitted per group. Your proposal should identify the community you are targeting and provide information gathered from the 2010 Census that presents a profile of your community ( Using this data, identify the type of domestic violence (e.g. elder abuse, bullying, child abuse, stalking, etc.) you will address in your project and support the need for this type of project using the Census data you gather. In other words, use the demographic profile of your community to justify the need for a domestic violence awareness project.

Proposal Is attached