anthropology writing 38

Every question about 1000 words

1. Focus on week 8 lectures, on Sussman’s “Modern Racism and Anti-Immigration

Policies,” on Daniels’s “White Supremacist Social Movements Online and in a Global

Context,” on López’s “Post-Racial Racism. Racial Stratification and Mass Incarceration in

the Age of Obama,” and on the documentary 13

th. Provide an analysis on the role of

systemic racism in maintaining and reaffirming institutional racism.

2. Focus on week 9 lecture, on Rodriquez’s “Color-Blind Ideology and the Cultural

Appropriation of Hip-Hop,” on “What Does ‘Cultural Appropriation” Actually Mean?”,

on Suman’s “Racism Post-9/11,” and on the videos “What is cultural appropriation” and

“Cultural appropriation – ContraPoints” (see modules in Canvas). How does cultural

appropriation relate to color-blind ideology? How color-blind ideology facilitates cultural

appropriation? What are the underlining forces and the consequences to the individual

of color-blind ideology and cultural appropriation? How would you resolve this