analyze organizational structure and culture in an organization

part 1

Discussion Overview

As technology and the global environment have changed, so too have company structures to better organize and capture markets and customers. Review the learning activity concerning organizational structure and then address the Discussion topic 1 below.

Topic 1: Organization Structure

Organization structure:

  • Do some research on the Internet and explain what a flat organization structure refers to and then provide an example and explain why it is considered flat.
  • Which type of organization will be around in the long term in your opinion? Which organization type (based on structural attributes) would you want to work for?
  • part 2
  • Topic 2: Cultural Dimensions
  • As a precursor to the “Looking Ahead” Assignment which you will submit in Unit 10, you will address cultural dimensions as seen in your Learning Activity and the Reading on pages 163–165 from Chapter 5 (Hofstede’s Framework and the GLOBE Framework). Review these and do some research on the Internet. Then address the Discussion topic:
    • For a company that has manufacturing facilities in the United States and in China, select two of the five value dimensions from Hofstede’s Framework (from pages 163–165 in Chapter 5), and compare/contrast these dimensions with how the United States facility would be run versus the one in China, based on these work-related values.
    • part 3
    • Assignment: Globalizing for GrowthUltimately, having the ability to understand and contribute to a positive organizational culture is key in today’s workforce. Those who can add value in this area will be able to grow, develop, and lead in their organization.MT302-6: Analyze organizational structure and culture in an organization.You previewed this Assignment in Unit 9, now is the time to finish up your response and submit it to the Dropbox.Based on the Reading and Learning Activities regarding leadership, culture, values, and organizational structure, you will apply what you understand to a company trying to unite into a viable structure and culture.Read the fictional scenario and address the checklist items.Scenario (fictional):ROBoInc. is a robotics software company with 100 employees located in South Bend, Indiana, in the United States. Until recently, the corporate culture had been established as a rigid culture that excluded families from company celebrations and in which everyone had an explicit job description. The company hires mostly locals, and only directors make any important decisions. The company has had a formal code of ethics but it has not been enforced. As a result, there have been increasing incidents of personnel doing consulting work for other companies outside of work hours. The CEO is concerned that their robotics software could be compromised. Lately, as the company’s software has been increasingly sought out by robot-producing companies around the globe, the CEO realizes it is time to reimagine a more diverse, inclusive, and global type company, while adhering to an ethical code of conduct with uniform responses to infringement.The CEO knows they will soon need to hire at least another 20 sales staff and additional software developers to address this increasing global demand. The CEO wants to restructure the company while keeping company costs down as much as possible.Help ROBoInc. address the problems by completing the checklist items.View the company’s current organizational structure.Address the following items in your Assessment submission:Checklist: Based on the Readings and Learning Activities address the following:(1) Identify the characteristics needed to implement a shared ethical culture and explain how this will help the organization.(2) Explain how the ethical culture will be affected by the global context. Describe some of the global implications. Use the Competing Values Framework in assessing the situation.(3) Analyze the current organizational structure and identify the key questions the executives need to answer in order to create the most effective and suitable organizational structure and culture.(4) Explain the importance of ethical leadership involved in implementing a new organization structure and suggest a possible new structure based on the Learning Activity.Submit your 3–4 page paper with an additional title and references page in APA format and citation style to the Dropbox.Access the rubric