Analysis of ISIS –

Analysis of ISIS
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For your final , you are to write an analysis of ISIS which responds to the following four questions. Please do not write more than 2500 words (1000 words should be adequate/ 250 words per
question) and make sure that you respond to EACH question, and all parts of each question. Each question is worth 25 points.
I have uploaded book notes. Terrorism and Homeland Security by White Johnathan 8th edition
PLEASE spell check your final paper and pay attention to grammar.
You should use parenthetical citations with a resources page attached to your paper. The bibliography does not count for your word count.
You should be able to answer this entire set of questions by making reference only to the materials we have encountered in this course. This is NOT a research paper but an ANALYSIS. Your job is to
synthesize what you have learned this semester and to draw upon relevant readings, theories and ideas.
Answer the questions below separately and with headers:
• Question One (25 points):
• Do you consider ISIS to be a terrorist group or not? If you do not consider it to be a terrorist group, then what do you consider it? an insurgency? Something else?
• What definition of terrorism are you using to make this decision?
• Which current US government agencies or international agencies would agree or disagree with your decision to label this group as a terrorist group, or as ‘not a terrorist group’?
• Question Two (25 points):
• What do you see as the major influences on this group’s ideology or belief system?
• What existing terrorist groups does it resemble most and least and why?
• Question Three (25 points):
• Based on what you know about the life cycle of the terrorist group and its sources of support, can you make any predictions about the future trajectory of ISIS? What might you expect the group to
look like in five years? As you make this prediction, draw a parallel with at least one other historical group.
• Question Four (25 points):
• Offer three specific pieces of policy advice to US decision-makers regarding how to go about combatting ISIS?
• What do you suggest that they do and are they currently doing any of these things?