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In the following books, please use chapter One in “Detroit” and pages 290-312 in “All the is solid melts into air”. In class we discussed the ways that we live shape our thinking and political ideas. Using information from both of the readings, please explain how our neighborhood, places of work, ways we communicate and commute, everyday rhythms, forms of entertainment and so on help determine our political sentiments and values. Feel free to go beyond the readings and draw upon your own experiences and opinions. Please mention Robert Mosses and the cross bronx expressway and how that changed the neighborhood. At that time Bronx was a nice place to live for the middle and high class, then everything got destroyed. Also mention Jones beach. Jones beach at the time was only for the high class that is why Mosses made the bridge very low so only cars fit there and not busses. In the reading on Detroit mention the horrible working conditions of the people and what they went through. Also they went on strike. I live in New York so maybe you can include the difference of people that have to commute everyday for 2 hours because they cannot afford to live in the city and the people that do not need to take the train or that can drive to work instead of taking public transportation. I will include the files and please focus on the chapters I pointed out. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!. This is my final paper for the course and it is extremely important.