Academic Writing and Research in Education –

Topic: Academic Writing and Research in Education
Order Description
Critical analysis of an academic article chosen by the student.
The requirement for assignment 2 is a critical analysis of an article, identified by the course member, which has relevance to their own educational interests. This has to be taken from a journal, be peer reviewed and related to education. Course members will be encouraged to access the library online and to use the various systems to locate an appropriate academic article (3000 words), (assessed on learning outcomes 1,2, 3, and 4 )
Learning outcomes
On completing this module you will be able to:
1. Identify the nature of education as an academic discipline
2. Understand the structures and conventions of academic writing
3. Reference work appropriately within written text
4. Reflect on the value of educational research as a professional tool
You can choose what article you want to critically analyze, only requirement is that it is an article that is peer reviewed and in any area of Educational studies.
****Please read through the Module Handbook thoroughly. You can look at my first assignment for this module to get a better clue, it will be attached as well.