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Instructions:  Each questions requires a 200 word  response.  The text is 7th Edition, Strategic compensation; a human resource management approach, 2013.



The new Patient Protection Affordability Care Act (PPACA) requires certain employers to provide health insurance to eligible employees. There has been a lot of litigation surrounding this new law; however, the United States Supreme Court has ruled the law is constitutional and valid. Explain an employer’s obligation under the requirements of this new law. Which employers does the new law cover? Which employees are eligible?


Describe the three theories used to set executive compensation. For each theory, name a specific company that uses that theory. Also, explain why the company you have chosen uses one theory over the others.

Identify and explain the disclosure requirements for executive compensation as established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Using an Internet search engine, look up an executive compensation disclosure report for a company of your choice and provide a link to that information into the response box. Indicate the specific dollar amount for each SEC required category. Make sure you identify and explain any descriptions under other compensation.


What similarities and differences exist regarding how a contingent worker is compensated? Discuss how the economic reality test and the right to control tests are used to determine whether a person is an employee or an independent worker.

Why do unions typically disagree with companies using contingent workers? Although companies rely on contingent workers, is it always cheaper to employ contingent workers instead of regular employees? Why, or why not?


You are the human resources manager for a small technology company. Currently you have 50 regular full-time employees. The CEO wants to add additional staff to complete a project, but is not comfortable with hiring the ten people that are needed for the project all at once as full-time employees. Based upon your knowledge of contingent and alternative work arrangements, what would you suggest to the CEO? Draft a memo to the CEO explaining your recommendations. Make sure you justify your reasons as to why you chose the options you selected. You may offer suggestions with any combination of the contingent staff discussed in our textbook. You will need to cover ten full-time positions using contingent workers.


Identify and explain the different types of contingent workers. Why might a company choose a contingent worker over a regular full time employee?