a paper on ecstasy among college students psy 3 4 pages apa format

Please avoid plagiarism

Please use simple words

Please see the requirements below.

I have 5 peer-reviewed sources and i need you to use all of them. And i have the outline of the paper, but feel free to adjust them. In fact, i need you to do so. Please use more resources other than these if needed.


  • At least 5 peer-reviewed sources
  • 3-4 pages
  • APA format
  • Textbook and news sources allowed (in addition to 5 peer-reviewed sources)
  • Only .org or .gov allowed as website sources (e.g. apa.org, census.gov). No other websites allowed (e.g., Wikipedia.com, ask.com).
  • No direct quotes
  • Scientific style
  • Turnitin score less than 10%