a little cloud creative writing assignment letter of advice to little chandler

Read the short article “a little cloud”.

Imagine that you have just received a letter from your old friend Little Chandler detailing the events of the story “A Little Cloud.” What would you write in response? What should he do next? We discussed in class how Little Chandler might be suffering from emotional and personal paralysis; what advice would you give Little Chandler for what is causing this paralysis and how he might overcome it?

As part of your letter, you should point to specific moments in the story that are inspiring your advice. Demonstrate your understanding of Little Chandler’s personality and plight, and let that understanding inform the advice you give. (It is alright to quote specific lines of text, but they will not count towards your 400 words.)

Some examples of questions you might consider addressing in your advice to Little Chandler (This list is not meant to be exhaustive or mandatory, so please do not simply respond to questions listed here. Be sure to develop your own, too.):

  • Should Little Chandler remain in his marriage? What is the root of his marital discontent? Who is at fault? How might the couple move forward together, or is the relationship damaged irreparably?
  • What are the influences of Little Chandler’s friends, acquaintances, and job on his well-being? What kind of action might he take in response to those influences? For instance, how would you advise Little Chandler to see himself in comparison to Gallaher? How would you advise him to move forward with that friendship?
  • In what ways is Little Chandler responsible for his own situation? Are any of his critiques of other people and/or the society around him unfair? What advice would you give him about taking responsibility for aspects of his life that he currently blames on others? Conversely, are there any aspects of Little Chandler’s life that are beyond his control and so he shouldn’t fret about them?
  • What is your assessment of Little Chandler’s epiphany? Would you tell him that his new understanding of his life is accurate? If so, what should that epiphany inspire him to do in the future? It not, why would you advise him that his epiphany is clouded and inaccurate?
  • How are Little Chandler’s surroundings affecting his well-being? Would his life be different he left Dublin, or would his problems follow him anywhere?