a final research paper the rise of feminism female artists

This is a final research paper about the rise of feminism female artists. At least 6 pages and at least 6 credible sources.

I wrote a rough draft, and my professor gave me some advices, so you may follow the advices to make some changes.

Research Paper Rough Draft

The Rise of Feminism from Female Artists


Hook: Feminist art is an art created consciously by artists based on the development of feminist art theory in the early 1970s. Since then, feminist artists have begun to create works involving women’s experiences. Nothing is impossible. Many artists are exploring techniques such as vaginal images, menstrual blood, body art, concept films, and the use of embroidery, which were previously regarded as women’s works.

Background: Feminism and the feminist movement have sprouted since the enlightenment of the eighteenth century, and female artists have also emerged in the history of the world. However, the real rise of feminism was only after the Second World War, because men were absent from society. Women have achieved hard-won gains in gaining the right to work and actively carrying out peaceful political campaigns.

Thesis: Feminist Art: Feminist Art Movement from a Female Perspective. The theories of feminism are inexhaustible. In the final analysis, it is a sentence: the realization of equality between men and women in all humankind.(need change some background information)

Body One: Many talented female artists have also been active on the same world stage as male artists, but little is known. The feminist art movement is committed to rediscovering them and hopes that women can stand up in the arts.

Body Two: Analyzing the artistic achievements of female artist: American artist Georgia Totto OKeeffe.

Body Three: Analyzing the artistic achievements of female artist: Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Body Four: Analyzing the artistic achievements of female artist: American artist Judy Chicago.

Conclusion: The feminist art movement has also made female artists and all women more actively think about themselves and achieve themselves.

Before feminism—-early 20thcentury—–how they paved the way for later feminist artists

Follow the chronological

Look at artists’ specific artworks.

Early 20th—–1970s feminism