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Topic: a christmas carol persuasive essay
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Persuasive Research Theme
1000-word novel-based persuasive research essay. MLA FORMAT. Sentence must not be more than 2 lines. Word count should not exceed 1100. Words. One citation per page. THIS INSTRUCTOR USES A PLAGIARISM DETECTOR SOFTWARE.
Persuade the audience that you believe the novel is about both:
• Treatment of the Poor
• Man is inherently evil
Answering the…
1st Paragraph – intro, topic, strong thesis and hook
2nd Paragraph – what (what is happening to make the writer think that the novel is about(themes)
• Treatment of the poor
• Man is inherently evil
3rd Paragraph – who (who are these things happening to) The protagonist and background info
4th Paragraph – when (during the Victorian era…) what was significant back then as it pertains to your theme(s)
5th Paragraph – how (give examples) how are these things happening and how can someone allow these things to happen to them
6th Paragraph – why (why did these things happen and the outcome)
7th Paragraph – Conclusion (do not re-write what you’ve already written. This is where you give your opinion {the writer’s or researcher’s opinion} on the theme(s), outcome, etc.)