6 pages double spaced 2

Extra Credits (turn in on December 9, the Final Exam Day)

You can write a film-viewing report or/and book-reading report to earn extra credits. You can turn in a maximum 3 reports.

Film-viewing report (2 pages, double space, print it out)

Uncover the Secret of Cultural Revolution (film, English with Chinese subtitle), on course reserve (VIS127C)

You have to log in to Course Reserve with your UCSD students ID, then find the film on the reserve list and click on “view item” to watch it.

Book-reading report (2 pages, double space, print it out)

List of books you can choose:

Cohen, Joan Lebold. The New Chinese Painting, 1949-1986.New York: Abrams, 1987.

Croizier, Ralph. Art and Revolution in Modern China: The Lingnan (Cantonese) School of Painting, 1906-1951. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1988

Erickson, Britta. On the Edge: Contemporary Chinese Artists Encounter the West. Exh. Cat. Stanford: Cantor Art Center, Stanford University, 2005.

Kuo, Jason Chi-sheng. ed., Visual Culture in Shanghai, 1850-1930. Washington D.C.: New Academia Publishing, 2007.

Laing, Ellen Johnston. The Winking Owl: Art in the People’s Republic of China. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1988

Shen, Kuiyi and Julia Andrews, Blooming in the Shadows: Unofficial Chinese Art, 1974-1985. New York: China Institute Gallery, 2011

If you can find the film online that would be great, if not you can always write on book report which I list above. 3 REPORTS – 2PAGES/ EACH – DOUBLED SPACE.

You must include sources, work cited, references if you borrow ideas, quotes, or paraphrase. reports will be checked for plagiarism . This class is Art of Modern China.

I prefer to receive the 3 reports early to avoid technical issue. it will be 6 pages in total.