5 page paper needed asap

Attached is the requirements for the paper. The first two are what the professor expects, the last two are sources that need to be included (MLA citations). In the essay, there needs to be at least half to three quarters of a page talking about race, one to one and a half pages talking about immigration using the Cabot Lodge source, and lastly one to one and a half pages talking about the Spanish-American War using the sources with Strong, Kipling, and Aguinaldo. Lastly, attached is a rough draft and unfinished example of what the paper should look like. 20

anatomy of the essay.pdf 

(essay) HIST 2606 – 1 of 2 (fall14).pdf 

Henry Cabot Lodge, Perils of Unrestricted Immigration.pdf 

Strong, Agunialdo, Kipling.pdf 

Essay 1 History.docx