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When selecting a topic, be sure that you are both interested in the topic and that it is of a social (and can be controversial) nature. The introduction of the speech must include a thesis statement. This statement must clearly illustrate your point of view. Your argument must consist of at least two points. Be sure that these points support your point of view. Although you are advocating for ONE SIDE ONLY, you must be familiar with both sides of the issue in order to present a good, persuasive argument. Actual surveys and professional studies should be used in conjunction with popular sources.

  • Persuasive Speech about how the free market and capitalism are good for the economy.
  • At least 2 visuals (handouts) must be used during the presentation. . NOTE/INDEX CARDS ARE MANDATORY.
  • A minimum of 5 credible sources must be cited on your works cited/reference page and at least 3 cited orally during the presentation.
  • All of the above criteria must be adhered to