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Week 5 – Political-Legal & Technological Environments

Learning Objective: Working with the chosen company, the student will detect and evaluate the political and legal limitations and barriers using both the Domestic and Global environments.

Prompt: According to a 2015 report, 32 percent of McDonald’s income was from the U.S., McDonald’s domestic environment — leaving the lion’s share from overseas markets. (Source: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/may/02/mcdonalds-a-brief-history-in-15-facts)

For this forum essay, select and research a foreign country where McDonald’s is located doing business. Identify and evaluate McDonald’s political and legal limitations and barriers in that country, as compared to the U.S., and discuss how McDonald’s has overcome (or should overcome) these barriers.

Instructions: (NOTE: Review the Forum Rubric to understand the requirements, and how your Forum participation is evaluated and scored.)

  • Minimum text length: 275 words (See Rubric for how post length is evaluated.)
  • Reply to other classmates’ posts, minimum word length 150 words per reply post. (See Rubric for how number of replies contribute to your grade.)
  • Submit your initial post by 11:59 pm ET, Day 3 (Wed).

Marketing Channels

Answer two out of the three forum questions, listed below, for this week.

1. Make a list of products you believe failed because of poor marketing channel choices.Ch 8

2. Why do marketing professionals care about and participate in supply chain decisions? Ch 9

3.Are small business owners at a disadvantage if they lack the marketing research resources large companies have? Why or why not? Ch 10