2 discussions and 1 assignment

* Discussion should end with a “tag-line” (each)
* 2 References (each)
* 300 words minimum (each)

Questions 1:
Describe the ethical challenges faced by organizations operating globally.
Questions 2:
Write an analytical summary of your learning outcomes from chapters 5 and 6 in below links. In addition to your analytical summary, address the following. As a manager, discuss how you would use or have used the concepts presented in chapters 5 and 6 in below links. Provide numerical examples to support your discussion.

* APA format
* 2 References
* 400 words
Assignment 1
Pick one of the following terms for your research: code of ethics, conscious capitalism, corporate social responsibility (CSR), culture, ethical dilemma, external adaptation, mission culture, social capital, values-based leadership, or whistle-blowing.