1750 2000 words choose one from three topics citation needed

You will also be expected to demonstrate your skill in using and assessing the relevant course readings. And i will give you all the readings regarding the topic you choose.

1. Explain the shareholder primacy model of corporate governance and discuss the theory of the corporation upon which is it based. Why are both Salazar as well as Bower and Paine critical of the model? Be sure to discuss whether their criticism is justified and the prospects for alternatives to shareholder primacy.

2. What are the key transformations regarding the nature of corporate power and industry structure highlighted in the readings by Davis as well as Barwise and Watkins? What can be learned by comparing the authors’ respective analyses of “Nikefication” and “Digital Dominance.”

3. Some people like Milton Friedman (1970) have argued that the social responsibility of business is to make a profit, and that the job of management should not include the pursuit of the public good or social and ethical values. Others argue that the goal of running a successful business can involve and be consistent with “doing good.” Using the readings by Birch and Reich address the issues of corporate social responsibility as reflected in the apparent conflict between the two perspectives mentioned above.